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Breath of Bliss Melanesia is a Branch of

Hello, I am Wewo Kotokay, a local Papua New Guinean Breathwork Facilitator, based in Port Moresby.

Breath of Bliss helps you open your heart and WAKE UP with ecstatic dance, deep sharing and an hour-long breath journey. Move emotions, upgrade your beliefs, unleash creativity and connect with the Divine. <;

Breath of Bliss Melanesia is a breathwork ceremony facilitated by Wewo Kotokay, designed particularly for Melanesian peoples, but also can offer to others around the world.

Meet Christabel Zamor, M.A.

Christabel is the founder of Breath of Bliss, a somatic mystery school for lightworkers that offers a 200 hour training for facilitators to share breathwork as a path of self-illumination.

She is the creator of Breathfest, the world’s first mobile, global breathwork festival. Her downloadable Breath of Bliss audio journeys each have Brain Boosting Technology. She is an Angelic Priestess, published author, speaker, has led breathwork groups of up to 500 and has trained over 800 facilitators throughout her life.

Christabel is an initiate in the Sophia Code Mystery School, a Certified Life Coach by the Coaches Training Institute, has Hendricks Institute Conscious Loving and Living training and has certification by Clarity Breathwork. She holds two master’s degrees: one in Depth Psychology and Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a second in Anthropology from University of California. She is also a Global Coherence Initiative Ambassador of the Heart Math Institute.

Christabel has studied with and received initiations by shamans in the Sacred Valley of Peru. She also has Earth Priestess Mastery Training to facilitate Shakti Embodiment and Tantrika Arts. She has integrated all of these teachings into Breath of Bliss. Christabel is published by Workman and is also a Mind Valley Academy author.

A New Paradigm in Breathwork:  Ceremonies

Humanity is hungry for the sacred. As a global team we are sharing a new model of breathwork as a 2 hour heart awakening ceremony in a safe space of beauty and care. We include connection practices, ecstatic dance, shakti activation, heart shares and an hour long breath journey. Events are sensitively guided to give permission for whatever wants to arise. All of you is welcome – sadness, fear, anger, joy, sexual feelings and everything in between. Our yin approach invites a softening so you can feel whatever you have suppressed or pushed away, and open to clear guidance, creative ideas, psychedelic experiences with the divine and more. 

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